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7 exceptional qualities to look for in a real estate agent

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7 exceptional qualities to look for in a real estate agent

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Now that you’ve saved enough money to buy your dream home, it’s time to look for a real estate agent who will guide you along your home buying journey. But who do you choose? There are literally hundreds of agents in Summerlin and Henderson, NV eager to work with you. 

To ensure you’ll be working with an agent who can make your dream a reality, here are the qualities of a good real estate agent to look for.


  2. Reputable real estate agents possess broad knowledge of the industry. They know the past, present, and future market trends of the locale they work in, along with the best homes currently on sale in the community. This makes it easy for buyers like you to locate the property that meets both needs and wants in a neighborhood that you’ll be happy with. You may even discover properties that you might not have known were available.


  4. You and your agent will be interacting a lot, so you need someone who can communicate with you regularly and effectively through your preferred communication channels. Trustworthy agents will even take the initiative to update their clients about any developments ASAP. You also need an agent who won’t be afraid to give you the lowdown on a property – and won’t just tell you what you want to hear. Honesty will be key to a harmonious working relationship between you and your agent.


  6. A high-quality agent will strive to ensure you get your money’s worth, which means helping you save on your hard-earned investment. Even if the price tag is non-negotiable, great agents know how to dig up facts that might prove useful at the negotiation table. An ideal agent is determined to cut the best deals for you, including but not limited to pursuing the biggest savings the transaction can potentially yield. 


  8. A great agent should be able to demonstrate the value that they can provide and leave you feeling confident in their abilities. While your real estate problems may be similar to several clients, your agent should recognize your unique background and circumstances to come up with the proper solutions to your particular real estate needs.


  10. Highly motivated agents will go the extra mile right from the start of their communications with you. If they make an effort to respond to your queries promptly and professionally, this is a good indication that they are willing to go above and beyond to deliver the desired results. The dedication to meet or exceed your expectations is important in ensuring a smooth and stress-free real estate process.


  12. Lawyers, escrow agents, home inspectors, appraisers, tradesmen, marketers, etc. Whatever real estate-related professional you may need, a great agent will already have an established network of providers and save you the time and expense of looking for them yourself. Resourcefulness is an indispensable quality of all great agents, which is why they will have established a group of trustworthy professionals they can call on anytime to help clients in need.


  14. With many real estate processes now being done online, you can no longer afford to hire an agent who doesn’t make use of efficient, new technological tools to do the job. From marketing to video meetings and listings, technology makes real estate transactions more manageable, not only for the agents themselves, but for buyers and sellers as well.

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